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New icons and new site

I've shifted around my icon site a bit. Upgraded it and shuffled things around.

It's now at http://www.zereldax.com/icons.html

I now have some DC icons as well as all the Marvel icons. I've added 419 new Marvel icons and added tags so it's easier to find things.

If anyone would also like to upload icons please drop me a line and I can create you an account.


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Just a month ago, former mutants who'd received the shot to take their powers away began witnessing a return of their powers. Only these powers were ten times stronger than anything they'd felt before. Some were able to control themselves, but others were not so lucky. Now, with security and safety uncertain, it seems the wall between humans and mutants is rising up again.

Only days ago, and underground anti-mutant cell held its first official meeting. Tired of dealing with the mercurial habits of mutants, they have decided to retaliate against them. In just two weeks' time they will gather men and women from every walk of life, anyone who is willing to go in to Xavier's school with weapons drawn, and take as many mutants with them to hell as they can. Some are even mutants themselves, disgusted with what they may turn back into or have already returned to, and willing to strike a blow that could signify the ends of mutants.

This is a movie!canonverse game to start, but it won't stay that way for long. We’re staring this game off with a literal bang, and it’s only going to get better from there.

Game opens DECEMBER 17.
Most Wanted: Emma Frost, Sean Cassidy, EVERYONE!


The Divide

  The Divide is a young but active and growing multi-canon Marvel/DC/Independent Universe hybrid game following an AU branch of the Marvel Civil War series. The setting allows players to introduce their favourite characters from any comic in whichever canon format they prefer.  
  RULES -//- F.A.Q. -//- PREMISE -//- WANTED -//- TAKEN -//- APPLY  
  On June 21st at 5:24 am, a group of heroes in opposition to the Super Human Registration Act breaks into a facility where a machine capable of transporting people to another dimension is being built. This device is key to the government's plan to build an impenetrable prison in another reality, where heroes refusing to register can be held safely. The rebellion succeeds in putting the machine out of commission, but unfortunately the uncontrolled destruction of the device leads to a tear in reality itself, displacing an as of yet unknown number of people- heroes, villains and civillians alike, ripping people from their own worlds and leaving them stranded, disorientated and confused, and even those apparently left untouched have been changed...  
  Accepting applications for all comic characters!
Wanted characters include: Batman, Cyclops, Wolverine, Green Arrow, She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Hawkeye and many, many more!
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DC Next Generation

Game Information
Character List

We all know the story. A rocket ship landing in Kansas. A boy whose parents are gunned down in front of him. A mythical baby sculpted from the clay of her mother's queendom. They joined together, with many other heroes, to form one of the world's premiere superhero teams, taking note from a predecessing team. They even spawned younger generations to take up the cape and cowl and fight for justice.

The Justice League weren’t the only costumed heroes saving the world; the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol and countless others also fought to protect the innocent.

Time continued to move on. Somehow, our heroes found time to have families when they weren't saving the world. Superhuman parents, for the most part, had superhuman offspring, and metahuman abilities continued to appear in the children of baseline humans. The new generation of heroes and villains has been born, and are beginning to come into their own.

DC - NextGen is a second generation DC Heroes journal RPG. While it deals with the next generation of heroes, the setting is sent in the present. The timeline roughly departs from canon in 1988, though we tend to look at it as a loose guideline. Characters from beyond that point and concepts beyond that point have been used with our current players

We have a strong preference for players who are 18 and over, due to the themes often addressed in this RPG.

Format: Scribbld with AIM chats
Genre: DC Comics AU
Conact: StacyX(colnicholasfury on AIM)
Rating: Mature
Deadline: Open