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Gotham by Night

Gotham by Night
~*~ Graphic by Evans@RPG-D ~*~

The fall of Carmine Falcone and the defeat of the Scarecrow and his shadowy allies were supposed to save Gotham. The corruption and crime, poverty and fear, all were to become things of the past. After that momentous night when the Batman saved the city, the sun should have risen on a bright new day.

But the darkness and decay ran too deep.

The Narrows remains a wasteland slum of despair. Lunatics loosed from Arkham Asylum still roam free, preying on the unwary. War rages through the streets as gangsters battle over the shattered pieces of what was once the Falcone empire. And now those madmen and criminals are being joined by a new, more sinister breed, masked villains drawn to Gotham by the opportunities in the chaos and the challenge of the Batman.

But the Dark Knight inspires as well, and other masked vigilantes are rising up to join him in the fight for the city's soul while the citizens can only pray that the hour is not too late.

Welcome to Gotham, where sometimes the knights wear black, the dragons wear white, and between them fall a thousand shades of gray.

Gotham by Night is a literate rp set in the dark, gritty world of Batman Begins and welcoming realistic characters from the DCU. We use both forum and journal formats with threads cross-posted between them. Players are welcome to play in either or both formats.

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